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  • Doin’ Burnouts

    When was the last time you had a day all to yourself to relax? Dave’s still dreaming of getting a metal detector.

  • Banned From The Monkey House

    Imagine what you’d have to do to get BANNED from the Zoo. Do identical twins have the same golf swing? 

  • Don’t Blink

    Michael Caine shares the eye opening secret to his success. We’ve also got the most Alabama Love Triangle of all time for you. 

  • The Flying Graysons

    A trailer for the new Spiderman trailer leaked overnight. Naturally, this means we’re going to spend some time talking about Batman.

  • Human Beans

    When James Bond dies, his kids will get double oh NOTHING. The Summer of the Gator moves north to…Massachusetts?!? 

  • They Shoot Refrigerators Don’t They?

    This episode features an Alaskan Yumbo, a Baltimore double funeral and an amorous Florida couple getting into trouble behind bars.

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