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  • Bison Bridge

    We’re back from Spring Break, tanned, rested and ready with tales of drawbridge mishaps, altar hijinx and a repurposed bridge for buffalo. 

  • St. Patrick’s Day Spooktacular

    This year’s St. Patrick’s Day Spooktacular features tales of fake plastic surgeons, grand theft auto and special guest star Bobby Moynihan. Sláinte.

  • Love Rollercoaster

    A Florida Man has his grandfather’s ears. That’s not a comment on their shared family appearance. The ears are in his pocket. Meanwhile a woman claims a German rollercoaster for […]

  • There Were No Survivors

    A stuntman sits in a pool of bean dip for 24 in an attempt to save his favorite restaurant.while a man considers breaking up with his fake redheaded girlfriend. 

  • Fraternity Llamas & Cocaine Bear

    This episode features llamas at a University of Iowa fraternity and a Kentucky bear eating 70 lbs of cocaine. Or did the bear go to Iowa and the llamas eat […]

  • My Revenge Upon The World

    Is $3800 too much money to spend on a nipple piercing? Would Dave make a good king? Why is that train horn going off?


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