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  • The Ballad of Marvin Burks

    This Bite Sized episode features high school football scandal, Dracula’s cape and Elliot from E.T. getting arrested for DUI.

  • Farmer Weed’s Hemp Farm

    Rolling Stone is revisiting their Top 100 Singers list. A study about meat consumption has a disappointing result. Billy Bob Thornton wasn’t “acting” drunk in Bad Santa.

  • Space Babies

    Who will be the first baby born in space? Christmas Con is happening. A matador gets gored in the groin…AGAIN!

  • Chocolate Insanity

    Darren explains Sandwich Confidence. McLovin gets busted in Iowa City. A burglar manages to eat $200 in chocolate.

  • First Tortoise On The Moon

    This episode features a Japanese bicycle-seat thief, a moon mission manned by tortoises and a car engine full of engines.

  • Tag! You’re IT!

    Dave’s back from the GABF in Denver. Darren considers Rip Taylor a Godfather. Florida Man tries to get an alligator drunk.