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  • Robot Groundhog

    PETA wants to replace the groundhog with an artificially intelligent robot. Iowans are gearing up for the Super Bowl with…Stromboli and Irish Stew?

  • Large Boulder The Size Of A Small Boulder

    We talk about wood chippers, Las Vegas and a rough KFC and we bring back our beloved Animal Farm segment. 

  • Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back To The Library

    There’s talk of a Jaws remake. More of us go to the library than to the movies. Marijuana might save the bees.

  • Long Lost Tortoise

    Inspiration strikes in the oddest places. Restaurants might start charging a fee for use of their chairs. Cats have developed a taste for human flesh. 

  • Dance The Night Away

    David Lee Roth kicked off a tour last week. The Portland Bike Theft Task Force has an ironic case to solve. Get ready for Valentine’s Trees.

  • Hard Times, Daddy!

    Dave got fired from iHeart Radio. Cheetos wants to add a word to the language. Billie Eilish is singing the new Bond theme.