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  • Robot Promises & Killer Sharks

    Good news! We don’t have to worry about a robots rising up to kill us because one of them wrote a letter to the editor and promised they won’t. Sharks […]

  • Ellen’s Game of House Traps

    Working for Ellen at home sounds like a nightmare. Stealing copper from a live wire ends badly. 

  • Dear Mr. Tinder

    Jerry Lewis didn’t care where the money came from. Sweet Eileen used to torment the Telethon. Tinder banned a user because he photoshopped a Baby Yoda on his pic.

  • Dave & Darren’s 2020 Cover 5 League

    It’s Week One! Want to play Cover 5 with us again this year? If you’re new to Cover 5 here’s how it works: Pick 5 teams each week that you […]

  • They Call Me Mr. Ding Dong

    A WWII Vet is going to get the Juicy Fruit coffin he’s always dreamed of. An Australian has invented a new side hustle: Coffin Confessor. 

  • I’d Like To Speak With The Manager

    It’s long past time we retire the “speak to the manager” routine. “Dancing With The Stars” will feature a contestant who may have killed her husband.