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  • Blue Lobsters & Gas Hamsters

    Florida Man starts a car fire with a scented candle and a blue lobster ends up at a Red Lobster.

  • Vin Needs Money, Eh?

    Hey gang, movie star Vin Diesel here. I need money to finish my next movie. Would you please give the money to my pals, Dave & Darren and then they […]

  • Devil’s Advocate Scholarship Program

    Hey, we’re BACK! This episode has a sleepy fugitive, a celebrity engagement announcement and a nifty opportunity for kids to make money for college. 

  • I Hate You Flippy!

    This episode has robots grilling sliders, a joke telling monkey puppet and an all-nude Amazing Larry.

  • They Were DUE!

    Today’s show covers the Washington football team, shark attacks and the ongoing financial woes of Mr. Johnny Depp.

  • Hello! I’m Mario Mario

    An unopened copy of Super Mario Bros just sold for $114,000. Darren thinks he could pass for Donald Sutherland.