Recent Posts

  • I Gotta Take My Wolfman Pills!

    Someone claims they’ve invented underpants that will clean themselves. Dave reads more lost ring/metal detector stories.

  • Big Underwear & The Silence of the Lambs

    Thanks to Netflix, corsets are BACK! It’s possible Kevin was never really alone in his home.

  • Chicken Wars Update

    The Chicken Wars are back with some heavy hitters entering the battlefield. Or is it a battered field?

  • PJ’s Creepy Ghost Grandpa

    We play a rebranded version of Florida No Florida.The Family Circus might be the most paranormal comic strip of all time.

  • Peep The Rooster

    The Gorilla Glue story somehow got even stupider. A teenage Civil War reenactor lost his pet rooster at a Cracker Barrell. Cocaine Hippos are destroying Columbia’s waterways. 

  • I Am NOT A Cat

    A woman used Gorilla Glue on her hair and is now considering a lawsuit. Maybe she should hire a cat as her attorney? 


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