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  • Tijuana Tunnel of Love

    This episode features ear fungi, a clandestine lovers tunnel and a new Dutch cartoon for kids.

  • Gentle Ben & The Beer Bags

    It’s been more than 50 years since Woodstock, so towns across America are starting to repeal their anti-Hippie laws. You may want to reconsider eating that icicle. 

  • Ma’am This Is A Wendy’s

    How much was Prince really worth? We know who’s headlining Lollapalooza and…it’s an odd choice

  • Darren’s Birthday Spooktacular

    It’s Darren’s birthday. Hawaiian Rolls are made in…Georgia? We review Pop-Tart flavors. 

  • SuperBug 1984

    Dave has a review of the new Wonder Woman movie. Parts of Scotty were beamed up to the ISS. Are adult swim clubs a thing?

  • Santa & The Power Lines

    This year Santa is the one who “better watch out”. An elementary school DJ had his bathroom rave shut down. Animals continue to do the darnedest things.


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