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  • Underwater Proposal

    This episode has something for everyone: fatal proposals, gender reveal parties involving hippos and truck stop camels.

  • Can That Be On The Mural?

    Antonio Brown is in even MORE trouble. An appeal for beer money will help kids at the Children’s Hospital in Iowa City. Frogs get married and then divorced.

  • You’re All I’ve Got Tonight

    Ric Ocasek is dead. We’ve got an idea for a new game show. Is The Far Side coming back?

  • Monkey On The Loose

    Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Does that change when you’re on the road? There’s a monkey (probably not Spank) on the loose in Texas.

  • We’re Not Giving The Race Car Back

    This episode has tales of vinyl sales, second breakfasts and all manner of financial malfeasance. 

  • Elvis IS Quint

    We recast the role of Quint in Jaws. Lizzo is on top of the charts. You can buy a filly functioning F-16.