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  • Episode 88: Cue The Dancing Sharks

    2/2 Show Notes: Today is NOT the day to do our first outdoor podcast A lot of people had a hard time watching the Super Bowl because there was too […]

  • Episode 87: My Butler Geezer Is Geezer Butler

    1/30 Show Notes: Eddie Murphy is coming back to Saturday Night Live for their 40th Anniversary episode. Dave seems to be alone in his belief that Murphy is the biggest […]

  • Dave & Darren Podcast Mobile App

    In addition to the apps for Solid and Planet ALT, Nacho Radio is pleased to offer you another way to consume our content on your mobile device. It’s The Dave […]

  • Episode 86: Steamed Clams

    1/29 Show Notes: Gwyneth Paltrow thinks women should get their lady parts steam cleaned Darren isn’t too particular on the kind of toilet paper he uses but he prefers it […]

  • Episode 85: Do The Chipmunk Voice!

    1/28 Show Notes: The Quad Cities has Madison Keys fever Happy Days kinda gave up on being in the 50s. A lot of the period sitcoms do the same thing […]

  • Episode 84: Menopause Muscle Car

    1/27 Show Notes: Dave wants to brag about making Chicken Noodle out of a can last night Astronomers found a Super Saturn with rings that are 200 times bigger than […]

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