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  • Android Apps! Come And Get Em!

      Yes, you’ve waiting long enough, Android users! The apps for both Solid and Planet ALT are now available from on the Play store. You can now listen to your […]

  • The Nachomobile!

    Check out the “new” Nachomobile. It’s a 2007 four cylinder Jeep Patriot. 81,000 miles and dressed in sleek nighttime black.  You will very soon see it in your neighborhood blasting […]

  • The Dave & Darren Podcast Is Now On iTunes

    The numbers from our first three days of podcasting are in. Frankly, it’s nothing short of ridiculous.  As I write this before we do episode 4 (DO IT LIVE!!!) we’ve […]

  • Nacho Radio – Now Available For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

    That’s right, both Solid and Planet ALT are available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Listen to your favorite Nacho Radio station whenever and wherever you want with these free apps. Post […]

  • So, How Was YOUR Summer?

    I’d like you to picture yourself in the room with Darren and me at the exact moment we found out we were no longer going to be the morning show […]

  • Socks & Drugs & Rock n Roll

    Regardless of the circumstances, summer always seems to fly by. A season filled with many activities. Ours was no different. Dave and I formed a limited liability company. It’s a groovy […]

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