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  • Episode 30: I’m More Than Just A Bartender

      11/11 Show Notes: We’re still getting the occasional email asking when we’re “coming back”. A study says 50% of all jobs will be gone in 15 years. Someone has […]

  • Episode 29: No Irish Need Apply

    11/10 Show Notes: Most of the people we asked said Alice Cooper was better than Motley Crue last night. The Bears last night? What was that about? Darren can’t believe […]

  • Episode 28: The Podcast Awakens

    11/7 Show Notes: Dave’s got bronchitis. Darren almost collapsed during yesterday’s show poking at a thing on his neck. There’s a new ad for grips that seems to be filled […]

  • Episode 27: Eaten Alive & Vibrant Living!

    Show Notes: A naturalist is looking to get eaten by an anaconda for a TV show. Phil Rudd of AC/DC is in trouble for allegedly hiring a hit man to […]

  • Episode 26: There Might Be Giants

    Show Notes: Last night was a good one for the Republicans and marijuana legalization. Recreational use will soon be legal in Alaska and Oregon. You can grow your own in […]

  • Episode 25: Baby Bumpers And 7-Up

    Show Notes: It’s Election Day! We can’t remember what Richard Hatch did that wasn’t Battlestar Galactica. (It was The Streets of San Francisco). Dave bought some DVDs from Amazon last […]

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