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  • Ease His Pain

    The Field of Dreams game is tonight in Dyersville and we’ve scored an incredible exclusive interview. 

  • Got Donkey Milk?

    Who knew pigeon racing was such a big deal or that it was so dangerous? There’s always money in the shrimp bag.

  • Rice Rice Baby

    McDonalds is asking their restaurants to stop using bags for dine-in service. Japanese grandparents are cuddling bags of rice. A roller derby team throws a wrench into an MLB team’s […]

  • Bring Your House…

    People across America are very excited about a new trailer park/campground in Louisiana. A Nevada woman is alleged to have stolen money and teeth from a dentist’s office.

  • The Right To Arm Bears

    There’s a new record for hiking (or running) from Canada to Mexico. A Black Bear armed with a handgun was on the loose in Minnesota. 

  • The Unfriendly Skies

    More and more people air flying these days and a good number of them really shouldn’t. And we’ve got THREE odd Tales From Florida for you.

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