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  • Here’s Bees In Your Eye

    We’ve looked into the center of a black hole and set a new cheese pizza world record. It’s a good day to be alive.

  • Key West K-Mart

    Remember that story from Utah about the baseball field and the gasoline? It’s happened again! Plus we learn about Scootskis, brah.

  • Yes I Hear You Clem Fandago

    Steven, can you hear me? This episode features beach trash, veggie burgers and cowboy pinball.

  • The Sour Cream Gun

    Here we go again with the discovery of another Chicago mobster’s secret vault. Get ready to see a picture of a black hole! Darren enjoys chicken thighs.

  • Hampton Inn Exorcist

    April 1st, 2019 is our FIFTEENTH anniversary. Can you believe it? Today’s episode has dog people, nunchucks and a drunken tirade in the sky. 

  • Fred Griffey Jr.

    So many Florida stories. We discuss which genre of music makes the best cheese and how close you came to listening to Fred & Darren.