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  • Don’t Bring An Imaginary Knife To A Gun Fight

    We might have what might be the most Florida story of 2020 for you with this episode. We also share a story of a woman petting an alligator and getting […]

  • Yes! We Have Free Bananas

    A five-year-old attempts to drive to California with $3 to but a Lamborghini. Ben & Jerry are putting potato chips in their ice cream. Spank joins us to promote a […]

  • Evil Motorcycle Monkey

    Who knew eels get lonely? And monkeys can ride motorcycles? Are COVID-19 masks the new concert t-shirts?

  • Today Is Frrrrrrriiiday

    On this episode we explore the seedy underworld of garden gnomes, discuss Ken Burns’ problem with The Last Dance and visit with the Pride & Joy of Cambridge, Illinois.

  • Robot Monkey Spy

    PBS sent an animatronic gorilla into the jungle to observer their dinner theater. Jose Canseco has had contact with aliens and Bigfoot.

  • Cave Life

    Have you ever gone on vacation and run out of money for a hotel? Consider staying in a cave! A library gets a helpful clean up and a couple has […]