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  • Valentine’s Day Spooktacular 2020

    Relax. You’re not going to get coronavirus. A researcher says your fantasy will probably end in disappointment. Banks aren’t giving away toasters anymore. 

  • Curse of the Colonel

    Does the ghost of Colonel Harland Sanders haunt a Japanese baseball team? Can you get shot for NOT buying weed? Why is Wichita’s crime rate plummeting? We’ll try and answer these […]

  • Right There In The Snack Aisle

    Erykah Badu is selling incense with a very unique scent. Parasite was the big winner at last night’s Academy Awards. A Milwaukee gas station might lose its license after someone […]

  • World’s Wettest Singer

    Dave recaps The Masked Singer. Scientists have made yarn out of human skin cells. The oldest driver in America shares the secret to his longevity.

  • Bag Full Of Drugs

    Imagine making $17,000 for a single overnight shift at a gas station. Shakira is going on tour and Dave’s confused. Old Bay Hot Sauce is a massive hit.

  • Day The Music Died Spooktacular

    The Chiefs won the Super Bowl. The actual real not at all artificially intelligent groundhog says we’re due for an early spring. A woman finds her long lost dog on […]