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  • Darren Sue Anderson

    Dave confuses Pamela Anderson with Mellisa Sue Anderson and Pamela Sue Martin. White Elephant Exchanges are gaining popularity. Female urinals are coming to a woman’s restroom near you.

  • Scammed At The Pump

    Darren fell for the old “no gas at the pump” scam. Walmart is dealing with a cocaine themed Santa sweater somehow showing up on their website. 

  • The Nymphomanaic Duck

    Chipotle has a team of nurses to make sure their workers are actually sick and not just hungover. The must have toy this Christmas is a Fart Gun.

  • A Lifetime of Snacks

    Willie Nelson is done smoking weed. Snoop Dog is doing a lullaby album. We know now the secret to finding the perfect shade of lipstick. 

  • Thanksgiving Booby Trap

    Dave judged the Battle of the Beards this afternoon. There are two new versions of Monopoly for people who think it takes too long or not long enough. Plus, we’ve […]

  • Spanksgiving 2019

    This episode features family fights, Christmas tree shortages and nightmare tales of Thanksgiving past.