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  • Professor In An Elevator

    Oh, good morning, Professor! Going dooooooown? Today’s episode finds us discussing shark livers, gorilla alarms and the Internet of Things.

  • A Mutual Disdain Based On Respect

    Lots of guest stars on this episode, plus we discuss Halloween candy, mud baths and how to save money while visiting Vietnam.

  • Free Donkey Rides

    Steal a bull, get a free naked donkey ride. We also learn about the deadly hazards of…black licorice?!?

  • But Can She Play An Instrument?

    This episode features marital rating cards, our return to the moon and a sandwich that has half-eaten by Richard Nixon.

  • That Chipmunk Isn’t ALL Bad

    An NFL player accidentally gave a fan his wedding ring. Police are looking for a chipmunk that held up a pharmacy at gunpoint. 

  • Feral Pig Bomb

    Because there wasn’t enough to worry about, the government is warning us about killer super pigs.