Recent Posts

  • Steak Dish!

    Someone drove a van into a “state of the art” hot dog stand. We review fad diets and learn about a Florida gator’s unquenchable thirst for Diet Coke.

  • The 100 Year Old Dash

    How can we wager on centenarian races? Are seagulls spies for the upcoming alien invasion? 

  • Holy Toledo!

    In this episode we’ll learn about marrying holograms and having babies with ghosts. We also discover our new favorite Toledo watering hole and/or laundromat. 

  • Not In Kansas Anymore

    They found one of Dorothy’s dresses in an old shoebox. Living next to the Dublin airport is driving at least one person completely insane.

  • Electric Chopsticks

    If you’re ever lost in the desert, this podcast might just save your life! In other news, Mexican Pizza returns to Taco Bell.

  • Two Thumbs Up

    Netflix wants to give you another thumb. A fake cop meets the real police after trying to scam a Florida Wendy’s. We now know Spock’s first name.

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