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  • Dave & Darren’s ANIMAL FARM

    We brought back a benchmark from our days on FM radio, The Animal Farm. This episode features ladder building monkeys, invading polar bears and pigs with unusual appetites.

  • Refrigerdating

    Millennials like music from the 60’s to 90’s better than anything recorded after 2000. Darren gets introduced to The Brady Kids cover of “American Pie”. Samsung releases an app to […]

  • Blondes Have More Fun

    911 is to be used ONLY for emergencies. Australia’s “theme song” is not “Baby Shark”. Hawaii wants to change the smoking age to 100.

  • Cop Clown Car

    The Super Bowl was super boring. Costco is selling wedding cakes made out of cheese. William Shatner may be the father of a Florida man. His father might also be […]

  • The Great Space Roaster

    KFC is testing a Cheetos Sandwich. How much would you pay for coffee roasted IN SPACE? Imagine spending six weeks in jail for trafficking Tide detergent.

  • Cosby Drone Strike

    Bill Cosby is the target of prison yard drones. The North Koreans have perfected shirts you can eat. A Florida man brings a WWII hand grenade to a Taco Bell.