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  • The Old Town Road

    Get ready for a summer of crop tops, taco shell shortages and horses in motel rooms.

  • Electric Daisy Taint Bruise

    The Jeopardy Wiz has finally lost. A bus driver blames an OWI on a bad donut. David Lee Roth surprises some Van Halen fans. Just kidding, they have no clue […]

  • They Ran Out Of Words

    Eight kids won the National Spelling Bee. Corey Taylor needs to relax. Jean Speedos are a thing now. 

  • An Abundance of Shower Rings

    An Alabama man ordered shower rings from Amazon and got something else. Moby is going away for a while. Arby’s will always have the meats.

  • Everest Traffic Jam

    The Navy might have run into some real UFOs. A Napa festival pulled the plug on Neil Young.

  • New Coke Is It (Again)

    Get ready for another edition of Ask Darren, the return of New Coke and composting Grandpa.