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  • Bedtime For Grogu

    Is Michigan the new Wisconsin? Can monkeys play college football? Dave’s excited for the finale of The Mandalorian. 

  • Drinking Remotely

    No beans? Then that’s not a chili dog. Americans are drinking more. A Florida Woman drank so much she ripped off her husband’s beard.

  • Count Your Chicken

    We’re talking about odd Christmas specials, the Hall of Fame QB from Camanche and the concept of toilet virginity.

  • Iron Crotch Kung Fu

    Drew Barrymore is ready to take a chance again. Smugglers use footballs to get contraband behind bars. An ancient form of Kung Fu strengthens your crotch.

  • Recipe For Seduction

    We discuss Mt Everest, paying it forward, and breakdancing as an Olympic sport. The secret’s out…Chicken Man!

  • Jacked Kangaroo

    Are kangaroos the new sharks? Masking an off flavor on five day old gas station sushi was a bad choice.


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