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  • Minnesota Slots

    Who could have guessed using TikTok to launder money for online gambling or using your position as a lunch lady to sell edibles to high schoolers was a bad idea? 

  • Nothing Runs Like A Deere

    Today’s recap features murderous cows, a runaway tractor and storm clouds with a personal vendetta against a park ranger.

  • I Once Got Busy In A Burger King Bathroom

    Are the Sun and the Moon the same thing? Why is Humpty Dumpty always an egg? Which way is left? 

  • Hotdoggers And Peanutters

    Would you rather drive around America in a giant hot dog or peanut? It turns out there’s something to the old sitcom trope of doppelgangers. Dave still dreams of taking […]

  • To The Wet Lab!

    They didn’t allow tailgating at the National Championship “Game”. A Missouri Sheriff is looking for volunteer day drinkers.

  • Year End Rear End Review

    Our first review for 2023 includes ice beer, a randy walrus and a review of everything Americans got stuck up their butts in 2022. 

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