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  • The Amazing Larry Bidet

    How come we don’t wear flaps? Amazing Larry has some thoughts.

  • Sally The Salad Robot

    Eat all the salad you want because COVID-19 has these poor grocery store owners HURTING!

  • Ringo The Substitute Propman

    It’s Ringo’s 80th Birthday. That bear really WAS going to Missouri. The biggest sports scoop of all time came from a Kansas City liquor store. 

  • Everyone’s Got A Story

    We remember our FAVORITE Kathy Lee Gifford segment on the Today Show.

  • Cardboard Foul Zone

    Just because you can’t attend a MLB game this summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t catch a foul ball. A Florida teacher has too much fun at a graduation party.

  • The Last Ferret Outlaw

    It’s Bobby Bonilla Day! We read an interesting obit and Darren lets us know what’s playing at the Drive-In.