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  • Urban Churn

    It turns out that cocaine really WAS bird poop! Who wants some mayonnaise ice cream?

  • Water Bears Home Alone On The Moon

    Microscopic Water Bears have crash landed on the Moon. Dave finally watched “Gremlins”, Disney is rebooting “Home Alone”. 

  • Igelkarussell

    Germans can’t sleep because hedgehogs are getting it on all night long. Tickle therapy could extend your life.

  • The Return of Kid Icarus

    A forgotten video game could be worth $10,000. Impossible Whoppers are on the way. A 92-year-old woman dominates the 400-meter sprint.

  • Perpetual Stew

    There’s a good chance your delivery driver has helped himself to your order. Memes might soon be illegal.

  • Cooler Full of Wieners

    Somehow we managed to have our Spooktacular this year at the end of July.