Play In Our Cover5 League!

We had a BLAST playing Cover5 with you guys back in 2013. The season was put on hiatus last year thanks to all the young females in town who were CRAVING a new Country choice (Thanks, ladies!) but now like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes we’re pleased to announce the return of the ONLY game you need to play this NFL season.

Sure Fantasy Football is fun, but it’s a total time suck. If you’re not up for that sort of commitment play Cover5 with us! It’s a new mobile and web-based game that makes every point of every NFL game matter. You can sign up FOR FREE HERE

or if you like you can download the Cover5 mobile app in the iTunes or Google Play store and join our the Dave & Darren League. Every week, our pals at Cover5 give you the spreads for all the games. You pick five teams you think will cover the spread. The more points your teams cover by, the more points you earn. If your team doesn’t cover, you lose points. The more points you tally, the higher you place in the league standings.


Study tape or just pick based on which team’s uniforms you like better. Either way, it’s a lot of fun and a way to stay engaged in NFL action long after your teams hopes of a postseason berth have been crushed (cough-Bears-cough).

The winner this week gets to program six songs of their choice on Planet ALT or Solid.

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