Tag: dave and darren

  • Chinese Food Chokehold

    A Florida family enjoyed their succulent Chinese dinner until Mom had to call the cops. We look at road rage data after a bizarre event after an Arkansas football game.

  • Just Like Sodom and Gomorrah

    Kids who wear rock band t-shirts aren’t necessarily fans.. We’ve got life hacks on getting a rental car when none are available and how to get the very  best deal […]

  • The Truth About Pickles

    This episode contains shocking revelations about kangaroos, pickles and cheating at chess. Consider this your warning!

  • Kidnapped Again

    This episode is about the nature of fear, slashing the tires of an old lover and walking around a swamp for three days after a gator takes your arm. 

  • Inept Monkey Hunters

    On this episode, we discuss odd cereal combinations, hopelessly inept monkey hunters and art created by AI.

  • Corndog And Cattail

    Darren has an idea for a crime fighting puppet duo. Pilots are fighting the cockpit and people are using pumpkins as a floatation device. 

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