Tag: dave and darren

  • First Tortoise On The Moon

    This episode features a Japanese bicycle-seat thief, a moon mission manned by tortoises and a car engine full of engines.

  • Tag! You’re IT!

    Dave’s back from the GABF in Denver. Darren considers Rip Taylor a Godfather. Florida Man tries to get an alligator drunk. 

  • You Wanted The Sharks, You GOT The Sharks!

    Elvis loves sugar. Sharks love KISS. A woman finds a $250,000 watch in her couch.  

  • Five Years Of This Thing

    Today is Nacho Radio’s 5th Anniversary. We’re talking about NFL beer scams, Stormtrooper helmets and tips for improving your memory. Thanks for five great years!

  • Dave’s Birthday Spooktacular

    Dave is now the same age as Judy Garland was when she died. There’s an interesting prop bet available for Sunday’s Bills/Pats game.

  • Talking Trash Bags

    Darren discovers that Tom Bosley and David Doyle are not the same person even though they are both Bosleys.