Tag: dave and darren

  • I Swallowed Stretch Armstrong

    More tales of cruises gone horribly wrong, striking rich by being raised by wolves and a handmade aircraft misadventure! 

  • He Didn’t Start The Fire (Except He Totally Did)

    This episode features an ALL-TIME GREAT meltdown, solid advice and an argument over Hot Pockets that ends with a bullet to the butt. 

  • Project Neptune

    People will climb to the top of the highest mountain or spend weeks at the bottom of the deep blue sea in search of kicks, baby! KICKS! 

  • The Nashville Wake-Up Call

    A man visiting Nashville (ON BUSINESS!!) woke up to the sight of the hotel manager sucking on his toes. A high school prank and an astronaut’s funeral go terribly wrong.

  • The 36 Month Lease

    Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” If he were alive today, he’d probably say, “Before you sign, […]

  • Philly Pizza Cop

    In this episode, a naughty puppy turns into an unlikely life-saving hero, an ultramarathoner gets a free ride and a pizza delivery guy actually gets some sort of commendation from the police.

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