Tag: dave and darren

  • A Duet of Seagulls

    Floridians think Tiger Yoga sounds like a good idea. A Michigan man has to give half of his lottery winnings to his ex-wife. Illinois has approved recreational marijuana.

  • New Freddie Mercury Song

    Meth attack squirrel may have been a Yumbo. A new Freddie Mercury song made its debut.   Seals have learned how to sing the Star Wars Theme.

  • Alabama Attack Squirrel

    A drug ring in Alabama got a squirrel addicted to meth to force him into a life of crime. Millennials don’t use deodorant.

  • Screech’s Spaghetti Sauce

    Dave gets an answer from the “Quad City” frozen pizza company. Florida police have apprehended the Pool Float Bandit. A Vermont man hits a cop car looking for a Saved […]

  • Truth Hurts

    How many viewings of the Avengers movie is too many? Dave discovers Lizzo. The Thompson Twins argue over hot dogs.

  • Aggressive Doorbells

    We’ve got a Florida Man story that actually happens in New York and news that Millennials are killing the doorbell industry.