Tag: dave and darren

  • 492: Lobster Dinner

    The A/C is out at Dave’s place. Bumblebees are endangered. Someone keeps taking dumps outside of a store in Dublin.

  • 491:Hamdog

    In these troubling times when it seems that love is dead, it’s comforting to know someone has created a hot dog-hamburger hybrid. A Canadian crook finds a way to smuggle […]

  • 490:French Tupperware Party

    A woman is upset with her doctors for screwing around with her lady business. Get ready for human head transplants. You can’t get the new iPhone because a Chinese billionaire’s […]

  • 489: Angelic 2 The Core

    Corey Feldman and his “Angels” went on the Today Show and almost broke the Internet. Lightning bolts are making headlines. The Sun is going to build the oceans in 3.5 […]

  • 488: Bindi Drives A Stingray

    Welcome to the beginning of the Sixth Mass Extinction! A UCLA Freshmen gets off to an awkward start with her roommates and is sorry she’s not sorry about it. Steve […]

  • 487: Oprah And The State Fair Treats

    The White Sox set a World Record for most dogs at a game and we all broke a record for global temperatures. Deep fried State Fair treats are coming to […]