Tag: dave and darren

  • 518: Smackfest

    It turns out hosting a promotion where patrons drink and assault each other for money isn’t the best idea. Michael Keaton’s superpower is…paitinece? A med student pulls the ultimate Hodini […]

  • 517: Election Day 2016 Spooktacular

    It’s Election Day 2016. Here’s what’s going on in the world: sharks are eating the internet, crooks are stealing wheelchairs from veterans and serial killers are leaving Amazon reviews for […]

  • 516: Dick Ranch And The Lazy Crazies

    Anthony Wiener is riding horses in Tennessee to help him with his self esteem issues. The Cubs rally was one of the all time biggest gatherings of humanity. A Florida […]

  • 515: Cubs Win Cubs Win

    As sure as God made green apples, we made this podcast featuring a secret Nazi ice stations, Florida men and electrical wires and Swiss coffeehouse robot sex workers. Oh, and […]

  • 514: Game 7 Pre-Game Show

    Bill Murray may not be that Impractical Joker’s dad but he does something very cool for a random Cubs fan. We managed to go an entire Halloween season without a […]

  • 513: Halloween Spooktacular 2016

    It’s Halloween and we’ve got spooky tales about cigarette smoking robots, topless selfies and sexy giants. Plus a visit from Count Obvious!