Tag: nacho radio

  • Strawberry Worms Forever

    People claim to like the taste of strawberries when it’s really the taste of worms they really love. Amazing Larry is having issues with his cable TV and his pants.

  • The Devil Is In Your Coma (I Know It’s Serious)

    Sting helps honor a man’s last wish, a thrash metal drummer goes to Hell (Thanks COVID-19!) and Lori Loughlin is going to jail. 

  • Onion Dumb

    Looking to express to a recent ex just how heartbroken you are about the end of your relationship? Consider the onion! Consider LOTS of onions!

  • The First Rule Of Duck Club

    This episode feature comprehensive buffet rankings, Darren offers some good advice for an unusual work dilemma and Florida continues to Florida. Quack Quack!

  • HEY! Wha’ Happened?!?

    Let’s start right out. Hey, wha’ happened? As you know, back in 1970…. I starred on a series called, Wha’ Happened. Every time something would go wrong, I’d Look at the […]

  • Let’s Play Bono No Bono

    Would you say yes to a cardboard hospital bed? What if the bed could also be used as a coffin? Darren plays “Bono No Bono” and Amazing Larry reminisces about […]