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  • 364: Robot Isaac

    The Oscars were last night and it was a return to glamour! You’re not paranoid: billboards are spying on you. Get ready for a transmission from the big giant head. […]

  • 363: Katy Perry And The Zodiac Bear

    Burger King has started a wiener war. It’s Oscar season and Darren couldn’t be less informed about the Best Picture race. Monday is Leap Day. If it’s your birthday there’s […]

  • 362: Nothing Is Real

    WARNING: This episode of Top Five Things could shake the very foundation of everything you think is real. Especially if you’re Dave. There’s an adult film version of Full House. […]

  • Dap Or Crap: The People V. O.J. Simpson Episode 4

    The 1990s were a simpler time. All we needed was for someone to make us sweat and occasionally go hmmm. Episode 4 of The People V O.J. Simpson introduces us […]

  • 361: Fine Motor Skills

    Scientists are puzzled by a strange sound coming from deep in the Pacific Ocean. Superman V Batman may release an R rated version. KFC and Taco Bell are collaborating. A […]

  • 360: So Long, Sticky Vicky!

    An entertainment legend is hanging up her ping pong balls. Batman Vs Superman is poised to lose a ton of money. People are going back to flip phones. Pythons are […]