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  • Pushing It Beyond Insanity

    A lazy Kansas City mailman blows up his mail truck and no one is surprised. A 10-year-old proves Tom Brady is a cheater. Sweetheart candies will be MIA this Valentine’s […]

  • Juke Box Hero

    Dave proposes grown men shouldn’t be allowed to dress in costumes at sporting events. Flight attendants had a particularly rough flight to Taiwan. Foreigner wants to find the original Juke […]

  • Mac N Cheese Bucket

    Hundreds of vultures are surrounding a KFC. Empty Pringles cans make suitable wine glasses. Costco is selling a 27-pound bucket of macaroni and cheese. EPISODE 810

  • Nacho Chanco

    Remember when Dick Clark had a Wednesday night variety show? We didn’t either. Taco Bell has a billboard that shoots out real nacho cheese. Why didn’t we think of that?

  • Party Pizzas

    We’ve got a story about a party pooper and it isn’t Urban Meyer. Dave quit drinking (kinda) and now just wants to talk about beer. A nude restaurant in Paris […]

  • Mean Gene’s Rockin’ New Years Eve

    Wow. 2019? I’m still writing 2018 on all my checks! We lost Super Dave Osbourne AND Mean Gene today? The New Year’s shows on TV this year were a bust.