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  • HEY! That Rat Took My CBD!

    A great grandmother undergoes a strip search for bringing CBD oil to the Happiest Place on Earth. 

  • It’s Hissing!

    Joe Rwamirama has a most unusual talent. Pee Wee is going out on tour. A man in Thailand goes viral after making a horrifying discovery.

  • Blondes Have More Fun

    911 is to be used ONLY for emergencies. Australia’s “theme song” is not “Baby Shark”. Hawaii wants to change the smoking age to 100.

  • Wisenheimer: Episode 10 4-Year Anniversary (LIVE!)

    Wisenheimer is a long form improv comedy troupe based out of the Quad Cities, consisting of Leslie Mitchell, Jeff De Leon, and Brent Tubbs. Their weekly, uncensored, and totally improvised […]

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