Tag: planet 93.9

  • Robot Dolphin

    If you’ve got a couple of million dollars burning a hole in your pocket and you’ve always dreamed of swimming with a battery powered dolphin, we’ve got some GREAT news!

  • Bubbles Will Bury Us All

    Another Chinese folk remedy goes sideways, people are swimming in dumpsters and a joke at a raffle ends in a lifetime ban.

  • Amazing Larry’s Shadow Theater

    Larry is keeping his neighbors entertained while Darren whittles a canoe from a log.

  • The Continuing Adventures of Bee Girl & Nevermind Baby

    Will bees find themselves replaced by drones with bubble guns? Why is Bigfoot driving that RV? Is it hot in here?

  • Some Sort Of Star Trek

    Star Trek had the laziest writers in the universe. ¬†Arnold Scharzenegger won’t go back to Gold’s Gym until everyone wears a mask.

  • All Hail Namazu!

    A new study suggests there’s something massive deep under the surface of the Earth. Is it a giant earthquake causing catfish? Perhaps.

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