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  • HEY! Wha’ Happened?!?

    Let’s start right out. Hey, wha’ happened? As you know, back in 1970…. I starred on a series called, Wha’ Happened.¬†Every time something would go wrong, I’d Look at the […]

  • Let’s Play Bono No Bono

    Would you say yes to a cardboard hospital bed? What if the bed could also be used as a coffin? Darren plays “Bono No Bono” and Amazing Larry reminisces about […]

  • The Best Band In America

    Hank Azaria has us debating the best rock band in America. Dead people move their limbs with disturbing regularity.

  • Cuts Like A Knife

    Driving home this evening on my Kawasaki motorcycle, I could have sworn we had it all worked out. Also, Florida Man is making his own throwing stars.

  • Hello! I’m Wayne Yoda

    Darren brings up an interesting point about Yoda’s costume. Americans admit they snoop on their partner’s’ phones. Queen Latifah IS The Equalizer.

  • Sit Next To Grandma

    Is Baseball coming back? An uninvited wedding guest and a mischievous Grandma formed and alliance to ruin a marriage. PING PONG BALLS!!!

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