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  • The Customer Is Always Right

    Imagine trying to avoid the draft by eating tons of fried chicken. Mashed potatoes are showing randomly appearing in what may or may not be the capital of Mississippi. 

  • Big Bad Grannys

    Tiger wins The Masters, Notre Dame is burning and an Indiana man sues his parents over the boxes of pornography they destroyed.

  • Here’s Bees In Your Eye

    We’ve looked into the center of a black hole and set a new cheese pizza world record. It’s a good day to be alive.

  • Key West K-Mart

    Remember that story from Utah about the baseball field and the gasoline? It’s happened again! Plus we learn about Scootskis, brah.

  • Yes I Hear You Clem Fandago

    Steven, can you hear me? This episode features beach trash, veggie burgers and cowboy pinball.

  • The Sour Cream Gun

    Here we go again with the discovery of another Chicago mobster’s secret vault. Get ready to see a picture of a black hole! Darren enjoys chicken thighs.