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  • A Lifetime of Snacks

    Willie Nelson is done smoking weed. Snoop Dog is doing a lullaby album. We know now the secret to finding the perfect shade of lipstick. 

  • Thanksgiving Booby Trap

    Dave judged the Battle of the Beards this afternoon. There are two new versions of Monopoly for people who think it takes too long or not long enough. Plus, we’ve […]

  • Ohio’s Got Talent

    An Ohio man dreams of making it big but his family won’t support him. A Wisconsin man makes license plates out of a beer box. Baby Jesus looks like…Phil Collins?!?

  • Theatre of Pain

    Despite their promises and legal paperwork, Mötley Crüe is hitting the road again. The Impossible Burger might be impossible to make. A snake bite remedy proves ineffective.

  • Walk Of Fame

    The ice and snow has us worried about Darren falling again. Reviewbrah fell out of an attic. Science explains hiccups. 

  • Dave’s Paid His Dues…Time After Time

    That Beard Championship that Dave’s been talking about all year happened this weekend. It’s been no bed of roses. No pleasure cruise.