Tag: show notes

  • 674: Having Mom For Christmas

    Dave has a few spoiler-free Last Jedi thoughts. Snow monkeys are up to no good. Facebook reinvents the snooze button.

  • 294: Dubuque Reigns Supreme

    Darren has a spring in his step following today’s colonoscopy. Today marks the 30th anniversary of TWO big 80s events. Dubuque leads the nation in binge drinking. The AMA wants […]

  • 292: #Ditkacurse

    Events conspired to force us to do today’s podcast late in the afternoon instead of at 9am. Mike Ditka’s Packer sweater is being blamed and getting credit for the Pacers […]

  • 286: LIVE At Capriotti’s

    We’re live with James at Capriotti’s on 53rd in Davenport. Darren wants to register for a meatball bar. America wants to see the Broncos and Packers in the Super Bowl. […]

  • 126: Gummy Joe’s Placenta Smoothies

    You are literally flushing a fortune down the toilet. Clapping is about to be replaced by jazz hands. Mista Cookie Jar And The Chocolate Chips are doing Lollapalooza along with […]

  • 124: Lunar Lava Tubes And Horse Bombs

    Ted Cruz wants to be the Leader of a Free World where bees attack baseball fans, fire extinguisher factories burn to the ground people use horse bombs.

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