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  • They Call Me Big Nose

    The man with the world’s longest nose is recognized by the Guinness World Records. A Golden Girls fan convention is happening in Chicago next year. 

  • Nice Day For A Fake Wedding

    Is there a better way to get an ex to contact you than staging and elaborate fake wedding? Dave has thoughts on Get Back and license plates.

  • Mr. Belvedere’s Nutcracker Suite

    An armored car “makes it rain” on a California interstate and we have a new favorite Christmas story. 

  • Sweet Corn Pringles

    To promote Movember, someone made a suit out of mustache hair. Hy-Vee struggles to give Pringles away. A Florida woman tries to McGuyver her way out of a DUI. 

  • Farm Jokes & Onion Rings

    Spank The Joke Telling Monkey Puppet stops by the studio for National Farm Jokes Day.

  • A Very Nutty Christmas

    The advice column review has some doozies this episode and Melissa Joan Hart is in love with a nutcracker. We also discuss oven mitts!

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