Tag: top five things

  • Scoop There It Is

    Tag Team is back AGAIN! Researchers are working around the world to teach cows how to use bathrooms.

  • Snakes And Potato Cakes

    We review the upcoming Fall TV season and Darren reacts to a controversial decision by the good people at Arby’s.

  • Ripper The Talking Duck

     Darren plays Which One’s Florida and we learn about a TALKING DUCK! 

  • In Love With An Ash Tray

    The bodybuilder who married and then divorced a rubber woman has found love again. We take a visit to Dave & Darren’s Animal Farm!

  • Abba Tron

    You can buy Michael Jordan’s used underpants. A first date in Florida ends with a high speed police chase. ABBA are back with new music and holograms?!? 

  • Doin’ Burnouts

    When was the last time you had a day all to yourself to relax? Dave’s still dreaming of getting a metal detector.

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