Tag: top five things

  • Lost In The Alps

    This episode features practical tips on winning the lottery. You can thank us later. With money you win in the lottery.

  • Convoy Around The World

    You’re telling us there was a sequel to C.W. McCall’s “Convoy” and we’re just now learning about it?!?

  • Huey Lewis and The Weed

    How does Huey Lewis save money and the drive-in? Are fireworks candy? Are these Hot Pockets supposed to have plastic and metal in them?!?

  • Joe The Pigeon

    Looking for a podcast about pigeon racing, deer antlers and Argentine sex parties? Look no further! Plus Bill Leff from MeTV’s “Toon In With Me” phones in.

  • Turn That Zeppelin Down!

    Look, Officer you can’t ask me to play my Zeppelin records quietly, man, Not cool!

  • Just Desserts

    This episode features drunk fish, grave robbers and Bluetooth chastity belts. Make sure to save room for dessert!


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