Tag: top five things

  • 206: And The Beat Goes On

    Monocled Cobras and Drunk Squirrels are up to no good on this episode. We pay homage to Randy Macho Man Savage and learn about seaweed that tastes like bacon.

  • 205: Hulkster Brother

    Hulk Hogan stops by the Hickey Brothers Cigar Store And Hookah Lounge Studios to talk about printers, oldies and George Clooney movies.

  • 204: Chimpanpizza

    We revolutionize the pizza industry and fall victim to a fake news story Yumbo on this installment of the Top Five Things Podcast.

  • 203: Kiss My Grits

    Channel 6 and Mediacom are playing chicken with each other. Know who else is playing chicken? The hundreds of Americans who have contracted salmonella from kissing and cuddling live poultry.

  • 202: Sorry About That, Zack

    We took the Nacho Radio Pontoon out for some lighthearted Sunday afternoon Air Cannoning on the Rock River and now we’re wanted men. Geez Louise.

  • 201: Spend Some Time In The Film Room

    Dave & Darren discuss forgotten Super Bowl MVPs, KFCs Chicken Pizza, Iowa’s plans to get rid of roads and bounty hunter Cad Bane.

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