Tag: top five things

  • 191: Shania Twain Sasquatch

    The Watcher is up to his old hilarious tricks. A guy goes nuts for nuts on a plane. Baseball history is made. Kids are smuggling salt into schools. Dave wants […]

  • 189: Florida No Florida

    Time again for the most exciting game show in the history of podcast game shows: Florida No Florida. Plus details on the latest in teenage science and a discussion on […]

  • 188: He Died Doing What He Loved

    Today’s podcast brings us news of a teenager and his invention to stop bleeding, evidence of pyramids on Mars and a chimpanzee who is into drum solos.

  • 187: The Lost Podcast

    We did this show a few days ago. It somehow got lost in the machine. Confident we’d never find it we may have said this was out best episode ever. […]

  • 185: Back From The Beach

    Dave’s back from his death defying trip to the shark infested waters of Florida. It turns out sharks may be the least of our worries.

  • 184: LIVE At Hickey Brothers For Gumbo Ya-Ya

    Hold on a second, you’re telling me Switzerland has palm trees? That’s a fact even Dirty Fabian from Drew Estate didn’t know. We’re LIVE at Hickey Brothers on 18th Street […]

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