Tag: top five things

  • 194: Big Hitter The Lama

    We’re LIVE at Kelly’s for Bike Night.

  • 193: Leap Second Spooktacular

    Today will literally be one of the longest days of your life. Spend your extra time with us as we ponder Steven Stills lyrics, Donald Trump, NYC and that terrible […]

  • 192: Watch Out For Shark Rash

    We’re talking about obese people blowing tires, dining and dashing, McLobster and a shark that causes skin irritation.

  • 191: Shania Twain Sasquatch

    The Watcher is up to his old hilarious tricks. A guy goes nuts for nuts on a plane. Baseball history is made. Kids are smuggling salt into schools. Dave wants […]

  • 189: Florida No Florida

    Time again for the most exciting game show in the history of podcast game shows: Florida No Florida. Plus details on the latest in teenage science and a discussion on […]

  • 188: He Died Doing What He Loved

    Today’s podcast brings us news of a teenager and his invention to stop bleeding, evidence of pyramids on Mars and a chimpanzee who is into drum solos.

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