Tag: top five things

  • Cosby Drone Strike

    Bill Cosby is the target of prison yard drones. The North Koreans have perfected shirts you can eat. A Florida man brings a WWII hand grenade to a Taco Bell.

  • Pushing It Beyond Insanity

    A lazy Kansas City mailman blows up his mail truck and no one is surprised. A 10-year-old proves Tom Brady is a cheater. Sweetheart candies will be MIA this Valentine’s […]

  • Juke Box Hero

    Dave proposes grown men shouldn’t be allowed to dress in costumes at sporting events. Flight attendants had a particularly rough flight to Taiwan. Foreigner wants to find the original Juke […]

  • Irish Back Pain Remedy

    EPISODE 811 We’ve got another story about an otter behaving badly. A Florida man tried to literally kill someone with kindness. An Irish man comes up with a strange (and […]

  • Mac N Cheese Bucket

    Hundreds of vultures are surrounding a KFC. Empty Pringles cans make suitable wine glasses. Costco is selling a 27-pound bucket of macaroni and cheese. EPISODE 810

  • Nacho Chanco

    Remember when Dick Clark had a Wednesday night variety show? We didn’t either. Taco Bell has a billboard that shoots out real nacho cheese. Why didn’t we think of that?