Tag: top five things

  • This Is The Way

    In this installment of The Top Five Things, we learn more than ever wanted to about Barbie’s dad. Someone thought Sunny D Hard Seltzer was a good idea. Plus, we […]

  • The Adventures of Vegas Cat

    A missing cat is found inside a Las Vegas hotel room. Someone threatened to blow up the Hollywood sign. Reggie is up to his old tricks!

  • A Snow Day & The Great Chip Caper

    Nothing quite matches the excitement of a teenager learning about a snow day. A new underwhelming Chick-Fil-A record is established. Eggs are to blame for a boxer’s failed doping test.

  • So, You Guys Wanna Get A Dog

    This edition features a fatal gator attack, field tests and a family that may or may not be ready for the commitments of dog ownership.

  • Like A Doll’s Eyes

    The thing about a discarded sex doll you find in a creek is it’s got lifeless eyes. black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. Here’s the first Top Five Things from […]

  • The Family Stallone

    Sylvester Stallone’s family will star in a new reality TV show. A monkey’s seemingly miraculous birth has a logical explanation. 

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