What’s In A Name?

Today was the last day of the Dave & Darren podcast. We can talk more about it on tomorrow’s podcast.

We’re not going anywhere! The response to our Dave & Darren podcast has been beyond our wildest dreams. If you’ll allow it, I’d like to paraphrase the great philosopher Mr. Vince Neil and say when we started this podcast all we needed was a laugh, months have gone by and I’d say we’ve kicked some ass. Over 700,000 plays since we launched in October? That’s bananas.

The podcast began as a way for us to do a morning show without being on a terrestrial radio station. But it’s sort of backwards to do a “morning show” as a podcast that is being heard in the morning, afternoon, evening…whenever.

It’s time for us to now enter a new phase of what the buzzword media types like to call “branding.” And so we’ll no longer be called “Dave & Darren – The Podcast”. That’s dead. Long live “Dave & Darren’s Top Five Things”!

What will this mean to you, dear listener? How will the show be different? It won’t. It’s just time for us to brand ourselves less like a morning show and more like a podcast. Imagine if you didn’t live here in the Quad Cities and you had no idea who we were. Now let’s say in your search for a cool podcast to listen to you saw one called “Dave & Darren In The Morning – The Podcast”. You might assume that we were some zany morning zoo crew doing phony phone calls and sending interns out on kooky fart patrol stunts. You wouldn’t listen to that. Why would anyone?

The Top Five Things has been the core of what the podcast is about since Episode 1: What We Did On Our Forced Summer Vacation. So the only changes to the podcast that you’ll really notice are: we’re calling it something slightly different and we’re using a sweet new logo that replaces the old morning show logo we used for over a decade.

Can you still just call the podcast Dave & Darren? Of course you can. We hope you do. Calling the podcast “Top Five Things” will (we hope) allow us an opportunity to get exposed to a larger audience. The show will sound exactly the same and we’ll still be talking about what goes on here in our beloved QCA as well as the rest of the world. We’re just trying to bring the show to the next level. We think branding it as a proper podcast and not a morning show that does a podcast makes sense.

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