• 423: C’Mon In The Water Pills Are Fine

    This summer is either going to be all about lion attacks, hurricanes or volcanic eruptions. Cato died. The Biggest Loser may have pumped their contestants full of speed and diuretics. […]

  • 422: Drive Crazy Y’all

    One of Darren’s biggest fans has big plans for the show. Another guy walks into a lion cage story? A Texas prankster has some felony fun on the highway. The […]

  • Episode 26: Rock Band/Convention

    Crank it up with another episode of Wisenheimer: The Podcast! This week, Leslie Mitchell, Jeff De Leon, and Brent Tubbs jam out with a Rock Band, then join a very […]

  • 421: Used To Be A Nice Place For Indiana Families

    T-Rex may have had giant lips. A suicidal Chilean man jumps into a lion’s den. Dave ruins John Cougar Mellencamp forever.

  • 420:Flypaper Hoods

    Your dogs might enjoy the 4th of July this year, Google is at it again. Roosters love whiskey. Door to door flashing ends about as well as you’d expect.

  • Dap Or Crap Episode 16: Trump Interview

    Troy is off riding bicycles while we try and decode the Megyn Kelly Donald Trump interview.