• 370: Nickel And Dime Quarter Theft

    Beatles producer George Martin died before he could write the next Game of Thrones book. Chewbacca will have a role in the Han Solo movie. Naked people continue to do […]

  • 369: Underpants Of The Future

    Erin Andrews may have won her court case but she’s probably not going to get paid. One of the Eagles is dealing with staring in a future Dateline NBC episode. […]

  • Dap Or Crap: Episode 5 The People Vs O.J. Simpson

    Juice. Juice. Juice. This John Singleton directed episode is called “The Race Card”. Troy, Nick, Dave and Jay discuss Marcia Clark’s smoking, Johnnie Cochran’s silk pajamas and the HGTV-worthy staging […]

  • 365: Do It LIVE!

    We invent a booze filled gavel for thirsty judges. They’re bringing trainloads of snow to Anchorage to start the Iditarod. March means a host of new offerings on Netflix. The […]

  • Wisenheimer Episode 14

    Do you suffer from a weird phobia? I mean the sort of bizarre fear that you share with only your closest friends. Maybe not even them? Would it make you […]

  • 364: Robot Isaac

    The Oscars were last night and it was a return to glamour! You’re not paranoid: billboards are spying on you. Get ready for a transmission from the big giant head. […]

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