• 375: Suicidal Deer

    They’re making another Indiana Jones movie. Brain Johnson got fired from AC/DC. A prophet speaks in multiple tongues and loses his but to a pride of hungry lions.

  • 373: Upcoming Torment

    People were just full of mischief this weekend! Someone stole Corey Taylor’s mask at a Slipknot show. Someone else (we assume) leaked the NCAA brackets on Twitter. Madonna has an […]

  • 372: Pearl Jamming

    They’re shooting The Most Interesting Man In The World into outer space. Your frozen pizza may have glass in it. Male body modifications sound intensely uncomfortable. Robots will take over […]

  • 371: I Don’t Want To See You At Popeye’s

    Get ready for Sharknado 4. Pawn Stars Chumlee is trouble. Jim Harbaugh LOVES Judge Judy. Would you grow sideburns for suicide prevention? Darren actually has nothing to do with fast […]

  • Dap Or Crap Episode 6: The People Vs O.J. Simpson

    Two die-hard Cubs fans are asked to make predictions for 2016. We dissect the Marcia, Marcia, Marcia episode of The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and Jay goes […]

  • 370: Nickel And Dime Quarter Theft

    Beatles producer George Martin died before he could write the next Game of Thrones book. Chewbacca will have a role in the Han Solo movie. Naked people continue to do […]

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