• 364: Robot Isaac

    The Oscars were last night and it was a return to glamour! You’re not paranoid: billboards are spying on you. Get ready for a transmission from the big giant head. […]

  • 363: Katy Perry And The Zodiac Bear

    Burger King has started a wiener war. It’s Oscar season and Darren couldn’t be less informed about the Best Picture race. Monday is Leap Day. If it’s your birthday there’s […]

  • 362: Nothing Is Real

    WARNING: This episode of Top Five Things could shake the very foundation of everything you think is real. Especially if you’re Dave. There’s an adult film version of Full House. […]

  • 361: Fine Motor Skills

    Scientists are puzzled by a strange sound coming from deep in the Pacific Ocean. Superman V Batman may release an R rated version. KFC and Taco Bell are collaborating. A […]

  • 359:Another Damn Day

    Astronauts heard weird space music on the dark side of the moon. Culture Club fans HATE Kris Jenner. A 110-year-old is not looking forward to her party. Pretty people are […]

  • 358: They Call Me Dr. Love

    After two raucous nights out on remote, we’re back in Nacho Radio’s subterranean studio for stories about high speed chases, teenage medical fraud, Snapchat and Hi-C Ecto Cooler.

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