• Drink Like A Hamster?!?

    We learn a lot about delivery room pranks, hamster alcohol tolerance and the latest gadgets at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

  • Introducing The Screw Goblin

    Wheel of Fortune has lost at least one viewer after a final puzzle is correctly guessed but not accepted. Christmas was full of drama. We may have found the next […]

  • An Old Fashioned Christmas

    This Winter Solstice we’ve got what might be the all-time worst Christmas song and a story involving the worst boss of all time. 

  • The Christmas Pickle

    Midwesterners put pickles on their Christmas trees to honor an old German tradition that almost no one in Germany has ever heard of.

  • Guess Who

    Sure, Steph Curry’s new NBA record is impressive but is it as impressive as balancing a smoking chimney on your head?

  • Mrs. Doubtfire 2

    We talk with comedian Gary Gulman, discuss the sequel that wasn’t for Mrs. Doubtfire and  Whamagedon 2021. 

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