Episode 19: Transformers And The Flu

Show Notes:


  • Dave starts the podcast with a tribute to the very much non-dead Judd Nelson.
  • Darren is out sick with the flu. Although he thinks it could also be ebola. He’s lost 9 lbs since Saturday night. Dave wonders if he could’ve been more supportive over the phone with Darren. Maybe he should run some chicken soup over there or something.
  • The very much alive Judd Nelson with be playing the role of Rodimus Prime in the new Transformers movie. Dave thinks Rodimus Prime sounds like a gay porn stars name. Brad gives Dave waaaaaay more info on the nature of Optimus Prime’s death.
  • The Bears got destroyed by New England yesterday. Lamar Houston had to be carted off the field after celebrating a sack despite being down 25 POINTS! How Bears is that?
  • Dave wants more 8:30 am NFL games
  • Giants beat the Royals 5-0 and are up 3-2 in the World Series.
  • Julie from Welcome Back, Kotter is dead.
  • Dave found an app for Darren where he can raise money for an animal shelter when he walks Edgar, Chaps and Jacks.
  • Oscar Tavares, who won a batting title as a River Bandit, was killed over the weekend in a car accident.
  • Aaron Lewis is a country star now and he BLEW the National Anthem last night. Staind is from Massachusetts. There are a TON of bands from San Francisco that would’ve made more sense. Also, does Aaron sing differently now that he’s a country star?
  • Daily Dumbass is a drunk who climbed into bed to cuddle with his mom. You know, like you do. Problem is he went into the wrong apartment and cuddled some random dude.
  • Ideaf2 tells us about a Davenport man who though he could burn leaves on his front lawn.
  • An Arizona horse (hello!) was trapped in a pool and tranquilized before its rescue. Dave wonders is horse tranquilizers in a pool isn’t the best way to spend a weekend.
  • A Florida man shot a bear in his sun room because Florida. He may be in trouble because you can’t kill bears down there. Even if they weigh 400 pounds and in your house.
  • There’s still so much about The Transformers that Dave STILL doesn’t understand.

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