Episode 71: Baby Teeth And Llama Suits

1/8 Show Notes:

  • Dave had a thought about doing an A to Z weekend on Solid or Planet ALT but realized their playlists are too enormous to make it work
  • Carte Blanche?!? Darren just brings it home
  • Michael Phelps may have been dating an intersex cougar at the time of his most recent DUI. She’s now releasing a porn movie based on their relationship
  • A Missouri baby was born with two front teeth
  • There’s an app that tells you if you have bad breath
  • A mini-van in Michigan got stuck behind a big rig and dragged for 16 miles
  • Dave says if the Bears take Jameis Winston he’s DONE with the Bears
  • The dollar is at an 11-year high
  • People’s Choice Awards were on last night
  • Dish Network has a way to watch cable online for $20 a month
  • Today would have been Elvis’ 80th birthday
  • Lambeau Field has amazing food including a new $20 burger they’re releasing this Sunday
  • Those power lace shoes from Back To The Future 2 are coming out sometime this year
  • A homeless woman gets invited to a Good Samaritain’s home and has sex with the family dog
  • Scam Alert: a crew is going around the QCA acting like they’re doing work but it’s a front for burglary
  • Daily Dumbass: gets out of prison for killing a passenger while speeding and posts a taunting picture on Facebook. That’s a violation of his parole
  • We give you the 1st half of some of the greatest Missed Connections of 2014

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