The Nachomobile!

Check out the “new” Nachomobile. It’s a 2007 four cylinder Jeep Patriot. 81,000 miles and dressed in sleek nighttime black.  You will very soon see it in your neighborhood blasting the blazing guitar driven sounds of Solid, the post-modern hipness of Planet ALT, or the idiocy laden shock jockery of the Dave & Darren podcast. Do not fear the Nachomobile. Embrace it for what it is…a symbol of the revolution…transporting us all to a better place…a world where WE call the shots…and the shots are GOOD!

6 Replies to “The Nachomobile!”

  1. Chris Irelan

    Not bad for a start…..

    But one day boys that clunker needs to be replaced with this! Even Dave will want to ride in parades with this baby!

    I see and love what you guys are doing, keep taking those baby steps, and we’ll meet in the middle to really crank things up….

  2. Eileen Gregory

    Was so blown away by Nachomobile ! Must say should haven mentioned cool way Dave said enbrace it ,dont b afaid.But way U worded coukd b alien tbing. Luv Ei sn Hell Boy,the cat,

  3. Eileen Gregory

    Sorry,meant Darren.I put a decorative sign inback window of my mobile.Says :_:Dave & Darren r back ! Nacho Pod an stream

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