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  • Spank Got Kicked Out Of Japan

    Spank had plans to once again “entertain” the athletes staying in the Olympic Village. Paul Rudd pranks Seth Rogen and people are petting Parmesan on strawberries. 

  • This Too Is A Hill That Makes You Want To Run Up It

    Did we call the Summer of The Gator too soon? No. No we did not. We discover a Japanese TV show that makes World Wettest Dog seem cerebral. 

  • Joey Chestnut Vs A Shark

    Joey Chestnut continues to dominate the world of competitive hot dog eating. We have some ideas to finally present him with a challenge.

  • Fattest Guys On Bikes

    Cracker Jack, hot dog eating contests and the legend of lost Civil War gold? This episode is all over the place. 

  • Tour de Farce

    French police are looking for a woman in a yellow coat for how you say…ruining the Tour de France? Ringo Starr has settled out of court with an adult toy […]

  • #Katyclysm

    How about a Whamaggedon for us Yankee Doodle Dandys? Country Rap is a thing. Just how affordable is a Taco Bell wedding?


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