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  • Tinder For Parrots

    This episode features fake twins, parrot hookups over Facetime, people horny for robots and details on a sledgehammer recall.

  • Philly Pizza Cop

    In this episode, a naughty puppy turns into an unlikely life-saving hero, an ultramarathoner gets a free ride and a pizza delivery guy actually gets some sort of commendation from the police.

  • The Great Dime Heist

    This episode features a diabolical dime heist, a middle school fight club and a stuffed eagle who plans on flying a bachelorette party to Sweden. 

  • AI Fortune Cookies

    This installment of our Top Five Things Podcast includes an April Fools Prank gone horribly wrong, some good advice and a warning from the FBI.

  • We’re Gonna Live Forever!

    Dave’s not sure the Air movie is even real. A noted scientist predicts we’ll all be immortal in just 8 years. A Monopoly game ends predictably with a samurai sword fight.

  • I Am A VERY SMART Lady

    A “very smart, well-educated lady, fell for a scam. The type of scam you’d have to be monumentally stupid to fall for. We revisit the tale of the Kentucky man […]

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