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  • Was E.T. Real?

    Drew Barrymore struggles with wine stains and coming to terms with a fake friend. Bobby and Cindy wander off and smuggle beans and franks to a runaway via flashlight.

  • One Day At A Time

    It turns out an exploding colon and being brought from the dead were just the beginning of bombshells from the new Matthew Perry memoir. Darren invents the McRib McMuffin.

  • World Cup Walk

    Sure, walking to Qatar SEEMS like a good idea…but IS it? And why are people taping their mouths shut before bedtime? And where’s Grandma?!?

  • Big Shirl

    This episode of Dave & Darren’s Top Five Things comes with the following disclaimer: You WILL fall in love with Big Shirl. Don’t tell us you weren’t warned. Her charms […]

  • Let’s Twist Again!

    They’re FINALLY making a sequel to Twister! A South Carolina man learns what the street value of human cremains is. Dave successfully navigates Aldi’s complex shopping cart puzzle. 

  • For Display Purposes Only

    Captain Kirk went to space and it was a huge bummer. A denim enthusiast just spent $76,000 pair of jeans.

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