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  • Come Fly With Us

    Can we put our flyer in your business or place of work? Help us spread the word of Nacho Radio in a very grassroots way. If it’s cool to put […]

  • Episode 23: Grave And Scarin’s Spooktacular

      Show Notes: It’s Grave And Scarin’s Spooktacular. Count Obvious will be sitting if for the whole show! A guy who claims he had top secret clearance says aliens are […]

  • Episode 22: Doc Johnson’s Desensitizing Spray

    ¬†Show Notes: There’s a Paul McCartney tribute record coming out next month with a ton of really cool bands covering Paul’s stuff. Darren’s not sure he can afford it. Dave […]

  • Episode 21: Ant Man & Zombie Mischief

    Show Notes: We’ve got a game 7 tonight! They’re not making iPods anymore because they can’t find the parts. Marvel announced their plans for Phase 3 of their superhero movies. […]

  • Episode 20: Dorothy And Cavity Sam

      Show Notes: Darren’s back! He points out how much Angie from Angie’s List looks like Joni Ernst. Dave would like someone to invent a way to vote early and […]

  • Episode 19: Transformers And The Flu

    Show Notes:   Dave starts the podcast with a tribute to the very much non-dead Judd Nelson. Darren is out sick with the flu. Although he thinks it could also […]

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