Recent Posts

  • Fifty Billion In Debt

    It’s never a good idea to check your checking balance at 2AM. 

  • The Accidental Trillionaire

    Learn how to make an impossible fortune overnight! It turns out, an electric fence will only protect you from a 675 pound Siberian Tiger if it’s turned on. 

  • Naked Skydiving

    Imagine jumping out of an airplane while completely naked. Now imagine doing it 60 times in 24 hours. 

  • Life Under Corn Teen

    We’ve made the decision to officially call this The Summer of The Gator. Yul Brenner wouldn’t have been terrific on sitcoms.

  • Eat The Mona Lisa

    Are online petitions a waste of everyone’s time? The answer is of course they are. Except for this one rare exception. 

  • Watermelons On Mars?!?

    Are sinister forces trying to keep information about watermelons on Mars from us? They’re not. Is playground equipment the best place to make whoopie? If you’re in Florida then the answer is of […]


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