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  • Bagpipe Alarm

    The King’s alarm clock is a human being. AnotherTinder date ends with a 911 call and a blood covered naked man in a parking garage. There’s yet ANOTHER cheating scandal.

  • Self Serve Corn

    Dave learns all about self-serve corn stands. Cheaters are having a moment these days. A squirrel invades a home office during a Zoom call.

  • Trainjacking

    You ever hear of a trainjacking? Darren wonders about the local racoon population and a young man gets a traffic cone stuck on his head. 

  • Where The Sun Don’t Shine

    James Earl Jones is a wonderful man who famously played a villian who was more machine than man. He’s giving up that job to an actual machine. Taint sunning is […]

  • Chinese Food Chokehold

    A Florida family enjoyed their succulent Chinese dinner until Mom had to call the cops. We look at road rage data after a bizarre event after an Arkansas football game.

  • Just Like Sodom and Gomorrah

    Kids who wear rock band t-shirts aren’t necessarily fans.. We’ve got life hacks on getting a rental car when none are available and how to get the very  best deal […]

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