Socks & Drugs & Rock n Roll

Regardless of the circumstances, summer always seems to fly by. A season filled with many activities. Ours was no different. Dave and I formed a limited liability company. It’s a groovy internet radio station called Nacho Radio (get it?) that really kicks balls. We registered a trademark. I saw Paul McCartney from the front row in Kansas City. We licensed music from ASCAP, BMI, and Sound Exchange for our broadcasts. I went to the John Deere Classic with my buddy Roscoe and enjoyed sunshine and pork chop sandwiches. We opened a business account and met with tax experts. Rhonda and I hosted our granddaughter Ava for three weeks. We created new logos (with the help of some very talented people. Thank you Todd, Nate, and Steve) and I commandeered an massive RV with my buddy Baker and went to the Illinois State fair. We created a new website and new phone apps and happily responded to the often asked question, “What are you guys going to do?” With all that going on, I still found the time to sort through my socks. I collectively gathered them from every possible hiding place. I washed them and matched them and then systematically put them away. Somehow, I was left with 84 stray socks!!! Granted, we’ve live in this house for almost twenty years, but come on. 84 socks without a brother, braving  this world alone? Dear friends, I ask you to join with me and collectively agree that it’s okay to wear different socks, at the same time. What’s the big deal? What are you doing staring at my ankles, anyway? Think of the dollars saved. The time spent searching and the frustration of sock pairing failure. Join today and let’s spend our “sock money” on greater causes. Perhaps we can solve some of the Earth’s ills. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Everybody, everywhere…let’s roll up our socks…and change the world.

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  1. J

    Good luck and be careful of that Roscoe guy. Was Baker playing his XTC cassettes in the RV? Hey wasn’t that McCartney guy with another band. Was it Utopia? Wait a minute, it was Wings. Time for more Meds.

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