Tag: dave and darren

  • Dave & Darren’s Rent-A-Bow

    Giant five fingered teddy bears are the stuff of your worst Christmas nightmares. We’re pleased to announce our new giant bow rental venture. Frosty The Snowman had demons, man.

  • Hot For UPS

    Apparently, our fellow Americans are hot and bothered over their delivery drivers. Demi Moore is newly single. Owls are back in the news.

  • Bizarre Love Triangle

    This review of our Planet 93.9 Morning Show includes a bizarre love triangle, fried chicken lawsuits and a good old fashion meat log assault. 

  • Tater Kegs

    An absolute breakthrough in tater tot technology has us both very intrigued/hungry. A Quad Citian just shattered the world record for hand clapping.

  • CornholeGate

    This episode has details on a multi-million dollar meat heist, a scandal in the world of professional cornhole and an ingenious method to maximize your PTO next year.

  • Was E.T. Real?

    Drew Barrymore struggles with wine stains and coming to terms with a fake friend. Bobby and Cindy wander off and smuggle beans and franks to a runaway via flashlight.

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