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  • 503: Falling Turkeys

    Nobody wants to host the Olympics anymore. Ronald McDonald is laying low. Tim Tebow has the touch. With God as their witness, people in Arkansas believe turkeys can fly.

  • 500: Fur Babies 420

    With everyone pulling their endorsements, Trump brought a baby doppelg√§nger on stage for support. Cannabis for pets seems to have real benefits for sick “fur babies”. A Pennsylvania cop is […]

  • 501: Ripley’s Belize It Or Don’t

    On this episode we speak with Professor Dum Dum about the scary clown epidemic and eventually get to today’s Top Five Things.

  • 500: The 500th Podcast

    Somehow we’ve made it to our 500th podcast. Ford is bringing back The Bronco. A Clown Lives Matter march is happening. A cop makes a “Sorry I Tased You” cake.

  • 499 Pumpkin Messages

    Are Blue Jays fans as classless as the birds their team in named for? The creepy clown story continues to dominate the news cycle with stories now happening on the […]

  • 498: Obi-Wan Ringo

    Dave has begun his Cover 5 comeback. You can get Zika from sharing a needle with an intravenous drug using mosquito. Katy Perry really needs to be Wonder Woman. Nine […]

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