Tag: dave and darren

  • 497: A Lot Not Going On Here

    There might be a cure for the common cold. Some jerk stole an old lady’s turtle. Oasis might get back together. Saran Wrap does not the best bikini material, especially […]

  • 496: Galactic Tick Day

    Happy Galactic Tick Day. We’re celebrating our almost 2 year anniversary with stories about ear wax, monster trucks and getting banned from the bus.

  • 495: LIVE At Gunchies

    Cows are eating themselves to death (but not eating themselves), Tebow goes yard and a squirrel hunter mistakes his wife for a squirrel. We’re LIVE at Gunchies with Big E […]

  • 494: Black Moon Rising

    Science has created a synthetic form of alcohol that won’t let you get a hangover. Roller coasters might be the cure for kidney stones. Ball pits are showing up all […]

  • 493: Debate Prep

    Everyone is getting ready for the big Presidential debate tonight but according to an infallible expert on these things, Trump has already won the election. Megamind is the host of […]

  • 492: Lobster Dinner

    The A/C is out at Dave’s place. Bumblebees are endangered. Someone keeps taking dumps outside of a store in Dublin.

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