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  • Ring A Ding Ding!

    In this episode, a family fulfils a man’s last request to be buried in his pick up truck, a woman runs 96 consecutive marathons and people drink hard seltzer in the shower. 

  • Curly Fries Vodka

    Now we’ve got flying venomous spiders to worry about?!? A trash can makes a harrowing journey across the Atlantic.

  • Stood Up At The Longhorn

    This episode features a few awkward moments at a haunted house, a marathon and an American multinational casual dining restaurant chain.

  • Space Tacos

    People are eating tacos 227 miles above us. Here on Earth, a beloved bust of Elvis was stolen and returned to a West Peoria bar.

  • Snakes On All The Planes

    A stripper’s pet monkey bit a kid on Halloween. Steps are being taken to rid airplanes of excess rattlesnakes. Dave wants to buy Fonzie’s jacket. 

  • Ghosted By A Ghost

    Edwardo the Ghost wasn’t happy when his living girlfirend went public with their relationship. The creator of Squid Game lost six teeth from the stress of producing the show. 

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