Tag: dave and darren

  • A Couple of Pop Tart Kingpins

    This episode has something for everyone! Gator attacks, elementary school cafeteria capers and Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen.

  • Drive Me To The Moon

    In this episode we learn all about elderly youth, Louisiana piranha and lunar rovers. 

  • The BTS Meal

    Another giant ball of ice going through someone’s roof? Yep. This time it’s in Wisconsin. 

  • Gator On The Loose

    An alligator with an arthritic jaw briefly escaped a Wisconsin “zoo”. Disneyland is selling a $100 sandwich.

  • Ultramarathon

    Sure, running 62 miles in bad weather sounds like fun, but is it safe? And what unholy alliance has Pringles entered with Wendy’s?

  • Goop Candles & Elevator Brawls

    Warning: This podcast contains exploding candles and people falling down elevator shafts.


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