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  • 345: Sticker Boy and Dad Body Ken

    So many questions on today’s episode: Did Darren get the sandwich he wanted at the caucus last night? What’s Taco Bell up to? Why are Burger King employees smashing windows? […]

  • 344: Holding Out For A Sandwich

    It’s Caucus Day and Darren is looking to get fed! Positive thinking might actually be toxic. Utah is dealing with a unique public health crisis. You can eat tacos for […]

  • 341: Me And Marlon Brando

    Bananas. They’re finally making the movie we’ve been begging for about Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor and Marlon Brando’s post 9/11 road trip. Sadly, Abe Vigoda won’t get to see it.

  • “This Is The End” or “We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Days”

    Let’s begin this by saying THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting Nacho Radio. Thank you for downloading our apps. Thank you for spreading the word. Thanks for supporting our sponsors […]

  • WQAD Story

    Check out this story Jim Mertens of WQAD did about how radio is evolving.

  • All Cover Show 2014

    When the Quad Cities is covered in snow, we give you our all cover show! This year we’re doing TWO shows at the same time. One on each of our […]

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