Tag: planet 93.9

  • The Unfriendly Skies

    More and more people air flying these days and a good number of them really shouldn’t. And we’ve got THREE odd Tales From Florida for you.

  • When The USA Wins, YOU Win!

    Dave fondly remembers the Summer of 1984 when McDonalds ran out of Big Macs thanks to the USSR. And we learn Borat is not 420 Friendly. 

  • Martian Burps

    Netflix wants to be the Netflix of video games. Curiosity rover might have detected burps on Mars.

  • Blow Up The Taco Bell

    It seemed like a good idea at the time but an indoor fireworks show at a Tennessee Taco Bell ended badly. Want to watch the Olympics at Scottie Pippen’s house?

  • Welcome To FBoy Island!

    A new dating show asks women to discern between “nice guys” and “FBoys.” Is Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser the secret to sparkling white teeth? 

  • Yeah, That’s Not Space

    Billionaire Richard Branson want us all to be happy because to took a plane flight off of another plane flight. 


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