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  • Kidnapped Again

    This episode is about the nature of fear, slashing the tires of an old lover and walking around a swamp for three days after a gator takes your arm. 

  • A Dog Named Freeway

    Mariah Carey is being sued over her Christmas song. A newlywed couple decides to starve their guests in order to pay for a visit from Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

  • They Call Me Big Nose

    The man with the world’s longest nose is recognized by the Guinness World Records. A Golden Girls fan convention is happening in Chicago next year. 

  • HEY! That Rat Took My CBD!

    A great grandmother undergoes a strip search for bringing CBD oil to the Happiest Place on Earth. 

  • Who’s The Boss Now?

    “Ren and Stimpy” and “Who’s The Boss?” are both coming back to television. Florida man buys a Porsche with a check he made at home.

  • Samurai Tenant

    Scary stuff on this episode: murder hornets, mystery seeds and samurai sword wielding tenants. 

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