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  • Who’s The Boss Now?

    “Ren and Stimpy” and “Who’s The Boss?” are both coming back to television. Florida man buys a Porsche with a check he made at home.

  • Samurai Tenant

    Scary stuff on this episode: murder hornets, mystery seeds and samurai sword wielding tenants. 

  • Larry’s Philly Stripper PSA

    Philadelphia strippers are taking it to the streets like we used to in the 70s and Amazing Larry is here for it.

  • The Coin Master

    Our nation’s coin shortage has forged unlikely heroes. Jeff Bezos ex-wife has a new name. Grandma thought that vodka would last all week.

  • Blue Lobsters & Gas Hamsters

    Florida Man starts a car fire with a scented candle and a blue lobster ends up at a Red Lobster.

  • Vin Needs Money, Eh?

    Hey gang, movie star Vin Diesel here. I need money to finish my next movie. Would you please give the money to my pals, Dave & Darren and then they […]

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