Tag: top five things

  • That’s Not A Side Salad

    Meet the biggest narc in Ohio along with a woman with 100 great-grandchildren and the driver of the world’s fastest golf cart. 

  • Fool Me Twice

    A drive-in in Newton that was damaged by a tornado had a screening of Twister. Burger King may have accidentally sent you an email last night. 

  • Popcorn Snake

    A Virgina snake is hungry for mice and popcorn. The Rock works bedroom security. There was an incident at a pool in Moline and EVERYONE made sure we knew about […]

  • If You Believe They Put A Shaq On The Moon

    William Shatner lost his wallet in a corn crib. A family of four enjoys a knife fight. Darren has an idea to spark interest in the Space Program. 

  • The Ballad of Little Irvy

    This podcast features wayward whales, terrifying murder dolls and and a dead traveling frozen sperm whale. It should make more sense once you listen. 

  • The Veltini

    A martini made out of Velveeta Cheese has Dave questioning some life decisions. A Florida Man is slowly undressed by a gator before it eats his arm. We met the […]

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