Tag: top five things

  • No Pants Day

    Don’t be alarmed when Dennis The Menace shows up at your front door step without any pants on. If a shark eats your leg, shouldn’t you be allowed to keep […]

  • Cuatro De Mayo

    Have Bill and Melinda Gates considered turning their marriage off and then turning it back on again?

  • Take Your Fish For A Walk

    Sure, fish make great pets but you can’t talk them for a walk. Or CAN you?!?

  • Let’s Play Uncle Ball

    We may have a solution for baseball’s burden of extra innings. There’s a new burger joint in town that is also not in town.

  • FaceApp

    Anthony Hopkins won an Oscar in his sleep?!? Rising temps means it’s Airport Brawl Season. Matching BFF tattoos sounded like a good idea at the time.

  • The Birthday Adventures of Con Juan

    A Japanese man is in trouble for having too many girlfriends and too many birthdays. Dave wants to close down the beaches again. This time it’s because of ticks!


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