Tag: top five things

  • 201: Spend Some Time In The Film Room

    Dave & Darren discuss forgotten Super Bowl MVPs, KFCs Chicken Pizza, Iowa’s plans to get rid of roads and bounty hunter Cad Bane.

  • 200: German Squirrel Breeders

    Our 200th podcast features the dangers of squirrel breeding, more NFL players blowing off fingers, 911 misuse and pop stars who hate America.

  • 199: Death By Selfie Stick

    This podcast features more gruesome firework fatalities and an introduction into a Ministry of Meat. The ocean is the shark’s house! We also uncover a new use for your antiquated […]

  • 198: Twerking Out And The Giant Butt Tour

    Twerking workouts are a thing now. Women are empowering themselves online with male nipples. Jared from Subway has some explaining to do.

  • 197: Hey Everybody, Watch THIS!

    Sure swimming with gators and firing mortars off your head SEEMS like a good idea…at the time. This podcast gives you the story of a Kiwi who is going on […]

  • 196: That Flipper Had All The Answers

    Flipper is Lassie of the Sea. The robot uprising may have just begun. Ribest got weird this year. Get ready for Monopoly The Movie.

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